A Tale of Madness 2

First-Person Adventure / Horror

The story behind the existence of the notorious ARIA Corporation.

A.T.O.M.® – A Tale Of Madness 2 / Built with Unreal Engine.

The second installment in the A.T.O.M. series. This game will feature 4 complex levels, a much more elaborated story, more puzzles and obstacles. The game focuses on the story of the Corporation’s existence and motives.

With new locales, high-definition textures, assets and effects – the game presents a new perspective upon the ATOM fictional universe. The player will travers a multitude of locales, reaching portals, opening pathways, avoiding enemies.

In terms of level design – the game will present a unique perspective on the ATOM universe, a much more complex maze that needs to be explored in order to unfold the story and the next reach-point. Built as a more open-world map, the player can use different pathways to reach the destination and also explore certain areas. In terms of the theme, the game will combine technology with natural or ancient sites – to create the feeling that the antagonist has been present in this fictional world for a long period of time. New particle systems and functionalities, light and color combinations will create a unique visual effect for the over-all project.

Full game release date – 13.07.2020.

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