After engaging with video-games almost my entire life, after creating my own stories and writing fan-fiction articles, after years of blogging and creating experimental music, I decided that I should engage with bringing all my passions together and start creating digital interactive stories.

That is how [DARK:CODE] was born.

It all happened on a Saturday, back in August 2019. I started creating my first playable level using Unreal Engine 4. By the end of the day I already had a maze, I knew a bit about handling textures, lights, shadows, assets and knew a few scripting diagrams to obtain simple mechanics.

From that point I continuously worked on creating something that would be my first video-game: A.T.O.M. – A Tale Of Madness.

After that, I started working with Unity as well and launching or creating prototypes for all my projects.

My main goal is to get better and better at level design. Apart from writing a story and setting up mechanics, my favorite part of working on a 3D digital environment is level design.