After engaging with video-games almost my entire life, after creating my own stories and writing fan-fiction articles, after years of blogging and creating experimental music, I decided that I should engage with bringing all my passions together and start creating digital interactive stories.

That is how [DARK:CODE] was born.

It all happened on a Saturday, back in August 2019. I started creating my first playable level using Unreal Engine 4. By the end of the day I already had a maze, I knew a bit about handling textures, lights, shadows, assets and knew a few scripting diagrams to obtain simple mechanics.

From that point I continuously worked on creating something that would be my first video-game: A.T.O.M. – A Tale Of Madness.

A sequel to this game was also published in 2021 – A.T.O.M. 2 – A Tale Of Madness 2.

My work focuses on playable levels built with the Far Cry editor, Unreal Tournament editor, FPS Creator engine and full games built with Unreal Engine.

My favorite game is and will remain Layers of Fear, although I enjoy many other games, appreciating the hard work that is put into these beautiful pieces of software.