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The Dying Oak Tree – Project Announcement

Prömov Ducat. Polova. 1328.

The peaceful lives of the peasants here are about to change. A series of unfortunate events and the people not understanding them will seal the fate of many.

A family established at the outskirts of this little town, will face the wrath of the entire community.

Innocence or guilt? Punishment or forgiveness? Life or death?

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Skar City – Project Announcement

I somewhat obsess about the cyberpunk / vaporwave culture.

The neon language of a bleak future, an advance technological movement set in a decaying society.

Corruption, violence and a glowing spark of innovation. A corporation set to rule the entire world and the people opposing it.

Skar City will be a light novel that I am writing. Along with the text, I am preparing a few level design assignments, some artworks and soundtracks to create the world of Skar City. A world dominated by greed, augmentations and people fighting back the oppressions.

The first level design assignment is finished. Take a glimpse at the City of Skar, the ever-changing metropolis.