DAEVA – DOOM Custom SnapMap

Custom deathmatch map, designed for DOOM.

A first DOOM exercise using the SnapMap Editor. The level will consist of 11 map segments – each having a distinct gameplay and battle mode. From spaces made for hiding spots, great for ambush and surprise attacks, multi-floor segments, straight hallways for connecting other parts of the map, large spaces for wave events – I tried to create a level filled with adrenaline and speedy battles.

Level Design Approach

The map segments are chosen from the various modules available in the editor.

Most of the segments used have built-in verticality – offer unique types of battle and movement across the 3D space they envision. Platforms linked via stair channels, left and also right paths to a certain destination, 90 degree angle corners but also curved spaces are used throughout the level.

The level will begin with a simple puzzle – finding the key to the first door – this also leading to a scripted wave event. Once the key is picked – there is a lockdown initiated and 3 waves of enemies will be spawned.

Using the built-in script editor, throughout the level – multiple lockdowns are initiated, mini boss and wave events, cinematics and enemy spawns are generated. There is also a high-score to be reached in order to win the game – but also a timer that needs to be beaten in order to finish the level.

Weapons used are: Shotgun, Static Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Gauss Cannon, Chaingun, Vortex Rifle, Heavy Assault Rifle. Pick-ups like Health Generation and Quad Damage, armor, health and ammo for all the types of weapons are available throughout the level.

The enemies that are spawned belong to multiple categories of demons – to diverse the battle scenes.

Full walkthrough of the level.