Dead Battle

First-Person Shooter / Horror / Adventure

A first-person horror experience. Survive the hordes of the undead.

Dead Battle® / Built with Unreal Engine.

Dead Battle is an indie, zombie-wave, first person shooter, built with Unreal Engine 4.

This is my first FPS project.

Discover the locations best fit for fighting back. Experiment with various weapons and complete the rounds. Try to stay alive as long as possible. The zombies will increase in number, strength and the damage they do with each wave.

The overall atmosphere of the game reflects a modern location, with a cyberpunk tone.

The player will be able to fight back the undead, collect money and purchase new guns and grenades / knives. Ammo and health packs are also available.

Extra mission added – collecting all the Magna statues from the map.

Full game release date – 16.11.2021.

Download links below: