Game Prototypes

Skar City Game Prototype.

A first person, cyberpunk, adventure game.

Waking up in a dark alley – after being unavailable on the Web, you are asked to go to the center of the City. Something has happened. Something new has entered the Web. All the digital beings are about to be affected.

The player gets the mission to traverse a series of obstacles in order to reach the Centre Plaza of Skar City.

This game prototype offers the experience of avoiding certain obstacles, use the environment to create a pathway – to reach certain platforms in order to perform the task. Certain widgets will give hints on what needs to be done.

A health-bar widget was also implemented – along with a checkpoint, death and spawn system.

A Tale of Madness 3 – Game Prototype

Snowmobile Project – Unreal Engine Demo

Liberté Noir – Demo Gameplay (Work In Progress)