Graveyard Shift – Far Cry 5 Custom Map

My second open-world custom map, designed for Far Cry 5.

This time – I’ve experimented with a zombie level – trying to link player action and visual elements together, to create a gothic-horror atmosphere.

Level Design Approach

In terms of level design, the map consists of 7 focus points which are the targets to be eliminated, placed into 3 sections of the map (2 left, 2 middle, 3 right). There are no restrictions in which the player can approach these. However as a guiding point, the first ones which are closest to the player will spawn a less number of enemies – but combat will increase with the other spawners.

There are no highlighted targets – but using visual language – target assets were placed near the spawners – guiding the player towards their goal – also as these emit a powerful light – this element should also guide the player towards the role of their mission.

The mail goal for the level is to eliminate all 7 targets – the zombie spawners.

Plenty of wide space near the spawners will allow the player to actually flee from the enemies to use healing kits or to reload – as the enemies linked to a certain spawner will attack all at once.

I’ve set up unlimited ammo for the player to ease the mission – but he will need to seek and retrieve healing kits in order to survive. I’ve distinctively placed these items across the map – with one at the beginning of the level – so that the player can recognize the locale of the items.

Gameplay Approach

There are 4 loadouts meant to create various types of gameplay. I’ve mixed more powerful weapons with ones dealing less damage, melee weapons, throwable items like grenades and bait – bait will summon wild animals which are neutral (damaging both the player and the enemies) and a couple of vehicles.

  1. Reaper (MP40, MG42, M133 Sawed, P08-L, Spiked Bat, Grenade)
  2. Eviscerator (Skorpion, M-16, A-99, SMG-11, Spiked Bat, Knife)
  3. Destroyer (MG42, Flamethrower, RPG-7, SMG-11, Branch, Bait)
  4. Tormentor (Vector .45 ACP, RAT4, Compound Bow, P226, Bolted Pipe, Bait)

The size of the map can be categorized as medium. I’ve placed multiple assets to evoke abandoned, destroyed, ruined sites – with full buildings still intact. The player can use these as cover.

This is a full walkthrough of the map.