Neon Wall – Unreal Tournament 4 Custom Map

My first custom deathmatch map, designed for Unreal Tournament 4.

A medium sized-arena fit for a deathmatch game, using bots or player opponents. As in all deathmatch rounds – the player needs to eliminate all enemies from the area – and reach the limit score before time expires.

Level Design Approach

The level is built as an arena with various obstacles that can be used to cover or to take the opponent by surprise. The player needs to traverse the area in order to fight and defeat the other combatants, pick up armor shards, ammo packages for his weapons and the weapons themselves.

Weapons used are: Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Mini-Gun, Bio Rifle, Lightning Rifle. In addition the player will start with the standard Enforcer Pistol.

Enemies will have access to the same items. Multiple spawn points were also provided – therefore at respawn – the player gets to be in a different zone of the map.

Walkthrough Demo of the map.

Full playthrough of the map.