Project MAID

Third-Person Shooter / Action / Adventure

A third-person action experience. Defeat the index droids.

Project M.A.I.D.® / Built with Unreal Engine.

Warcore is an indie, war-themed, first person shooter, built with Unreal Engine 4.

There are two teams fighting on a post-apocalyptic battle arena.

The overall atmosphere of the game reflects a modern location, a post apocalyptic ruined city. The goal of the stage is to reach 300 kills before the enemy does. Once the score is reached the battle will restart.

In terms of level design – I tried to create a locale optimized for close, mid and long range combat. Both hard and soft, full width and half-width obstacles were used to create the arena. Being a post-apocalyptic scene – most of the site will be ruined. There are various points in which the player can use verticality to his advantage, by using stairs and reaching the tops of buildings or bridges.

Full game release date – 25.06.2022.

Download links below: