Rendering Fear

The land of Agna’thus – a powerful magic realm – was desired by many. War upon war shaped this domain and with each generation – Agna’thus became more and more desolate. With an almost visible nature magic flowing upon this territory – the landscape now appears like a vivid dream.

Centuries passed – and now – you return unto the lost Lands of the Kill’Rdrók once again, to discover the lost culture of the Khaladdi people, your people.

Rendering Fear was a dark-fantasy, open-world, atmospheric first-person project built with Unreal Engine.

This game was an exercise on inspection systems – in which certain objects can be picked up and inspected, collecting objects, particle systems, basic AI functionality, spawning fire globes for combat, 2d and 3d sound effects, collision and physics, head bobbing and character movement, terrain painting and map modeling.

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