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Welcome to the [DARK:CODE] site.

This is a presentational site where you will find information about all the projects I am involved with, regarding video-game design, writing and doing conceptual art.

Being an avid gamer will always put-up-front that question: what if I was about to do my own game, write its story, set up the mechanics and let people experience it.

And this is what the entire [DARK:CODE] project is meant to do.

The whole idea of creating my own video-game had the starting point of wanting to create an interactive story – not only that you would read it – but you’ll make the decisions for the protagonist. It was meant to be a visual novel – but it became so much more different. I still plan to release a visual novel at some point – but the current period is about focusing on level design.

With quite a few projects in progress – you’ll be able to experience what I had planned for the collection of games / design assignments I will create.