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Skar City – Cyberpunk Warehouse Level Design

I’ve created a new level design assignment – trying to create a futuristic / cyberpunk style warehouse, using Unreal Engine 4. Also I’ve included in the level my new song called “Bad Implants”.

This is a project meant to reflect texturing, lighting and geometrical design work.

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Skar City – Project Announcement

I somewhat obsess about the cyberpunk / vaporwave culture.

The neon language of a bleak future, an advance technological movement set in a decaying society.

Corruption, violence and a glowing spark of innovation. A corporation set to rule the entire world and the people opposing it.

Skar City will be a light novel that I am writing. Along with the text, I am preparing a few level design assignments, some artworks and soundtracks to create the world of Skar City. A world dominated by greed, augmentations and people fighting back the oppressions.

The first level design assignment is finished. Take a glimpse at the City of Skar, the ever-changing metropolis.

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ATOM 2 – Project Announcement

My first video-game project ATOM has reached more than 12200 individuals. For an experiment of learning the Unreal Engine, I’d say that the game made a pretty impressive score.

So I thought that I should use some of my spare time to create another game set in the A Tale Of Madness universe. ATOM 2 will be my next video-game project. This time, all the mechanics will be built using Unity.

Prepare for more evil and madness because ARIA Corporation returns. Below you can see the announcement trailer I’ve compiled up.

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Welcome to the [DARK:CODE] site.

This is a presentational site where you will find information about all the projects I am involved with, regarding video-game design, writing and doing conceptual art.

Being an avid gamer will always put-up-front that question: what if I was about to do my own game, write its story, set up the mechanics and let people experience it.

And this is what the entire [DARK:CODE] project is meant to do.

The whole idea of creating my own video-game had the starting point of wanting to create an interactive story – not only that you would read it – but you’ll make the decisions for the protagonist. It was meant to be a visual novel – but it became so much more different. I still plan to release a visual novel at some point – but the current period is about focusing on level design.

With quite a few projects in progress – you’ll be able to experience what I had planned for the collection of games / design assignments I will create.