Urban Wasteland – Far Cry 5 Custom Map

My first open-world custom map, designed for Far Cry 5.

The goal for the player is to eliminate all enemies from the area – while remaining undetected.

Level Design Approach

In terms of level design, the map consists of a large area where targets need to be eliminated. There are strategically placed objects, to be used as cover in case of combat, in order to aid the player into the mission.

Across the map – the player can use various gates, buildings, ruins, fences, barrels and vegetation, for a more stealthily approach to the goal.

Enemies were placed across the area – to patrol various zones of the map. The user can use melee weapons to reach the goal – but also can use firearms. However loud sounds will make multiple enemies to gather into one place – making their elimination much more harder.

Map can be accessed and played on the Far Cry 5 Arcade Module.

This is a full walkthrough of the map.